My theme is the continuous investigation of the material paper and pencil, how I am able to produce a sensual and vital drawing by the extensiveness of the colour grey.

I am fascinated by the simplicity of graphical media, their immediacy and the possibilities of execution as well as the pencil colour grey.

The engagement with the drawing space leads towards spaces filled with lines precisely made by pencil and ruler, eventful-hatched papers or graphical structured textures.

My working process starts with conceptual thinking. The decisions are all about the arrangement and density of lines, direction of the pencil movement, the blackness or hardness of the pencil, the width or fineness of the lines or about the format and size of paper.

By the modality of the execution of the drawing I broach the working process as well as the shaded area with its transparency or density, lightness or massiveness, closeness or openness, preciseness and movement.

When I start drawing, I stop rational thinking and observing. While working, I am concentrated on drawing the line or the movement of hatching only. It is deliberate work in stillness. After the drawing process the observing and reflecting starts again whether the developed drawing is accomplished or not.

To get variation and to sharpen my observation, I work on several painterly-graphical projects with different ways of execution at the same time.


2017 Founded female artist group Künstlerinnengruppe Berlin-Brandenburg (KGBB)
since 2017 Professional artist
2015/2017 Arctic trips: Svalbard (sailing trip), Franz-Josef-Land, Svalbard (Pyramiden)
2003 Moved to Berlin/GER
1977 Born in Cottbus/GER

2018-2020 studies at Art School – Akademie für Malerie Berlin/Germany (master studies)
2015-2018 studies at Art School – Akademie für Malerei Berlin/Germany (advanced study period)
2005-2015 participation in courses at Art School – Akademie für Malerei Berlin/Germany
2003 Business Administration (diploma) – University of Applied Science/Germany



21.09.2018-21.09.2018 „Christine Geiszler – GREYISTAN“ Akademie für Malerei Berlin
02.07.2018-31.07.2018 „Christine Geiszler – Landgang“ IKMZ, Cottbus
07.10.2017-08.10.2017 „Christine Geiszler – Arktisches Arkadien“ Südwestpassage e.V.
19.07.2017–26.08.2017 „Christine Geiszler – Arktisches Arkadien“ Galerie Ebert, Cottbus
04.03.2017-04.07.2017 „Christine Geiszler – Arktisches Arkadien“ Märkische Heide
10.01.2017-03.03.2017 „Christine Geiszler – Arktisches Arkadien“ Kleine Galerie, Goyatz
08.10.2016-09.10.2016 „Christine Geiszler – Selected Works“ Südwestpassage e.V. Berlin,
07.10.2016-07.10.2016 „Christine Geiszler – Selected Works“ Akademie für Malerei Berlin


03.11.2018-04.11.2018 „Selected Works“ Schöneberger Art e.V. Berlin, GER
13.10.2017-14.10.2018 „Selected Works“ Südwestpassage e.V. Berlin, GER
13.07.2018-19.09.2018 „Anonyme Zeichner“ Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, GER
08.01.2018-10.01.2018 „Überfluss – Alles fließt“ an der Akademie für Malerei, Berlin, GER
07.09.2017-10.09.2017 „Land in Sicht“ Akademie für Malerei Berlin, GER
20.07.2017-23.07.2017 „Heiß – Arbeiten mit Wachs…“ Akademie für Malerei Berlin, GER
06.09.2016-18.09.2016 „Studentenausstellung“ Akademie für Malerei Berlin, GER
00.02.2015-00.02.2015 „Studentenausstellung“ Akademie für Malerei Berlin, GER

Talks | Speech

21.09.2018           Speech: „Christine Geiszler – GREYISTAN“ Akademie für Malerei Berlin
10.01.2017           Talk: „Arktisches Arkadien“ Kleine Galerie, Goyatz, GER
07.10.2016           Speech: „Christine Geiszler – Selected Works“ Akad. für Malerei Berlin

Charity Exhibitions

24.02.2018–30.03.2018 „Christine Geiszler – Arktisches Arkadien“
Charity Aktion für die Kinderklinik Cottbus