Christine Geiszler


My recent works you always find on instagram @studio.stine.
PDF-Portfolio for download you find here –> PORTFOLIO-2018-19.

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My theme is the continuous investigation of the material paper and pencil, how I am able to produce a sensual and vital drawing by the extensiveness of the colour grey.

I am fascinated by the simplicity of graphical media, their immediacy and the possibilities of execution as well as the pencil colour grey.

The engagement with the drawing space leads towards spaces filled with lines precisely made by pencil and ruler, eventful-hatched papers or graphical structured textures.

My working process starts with conceptual thinking. The decisions are all about the arrangement and density of lines, direction of the pencil movement, the blackness or hardness of the pencil, the width or fineness of the lines or about the format and size of paper.

By the modality of the execution of the drawing I broach the working process as well as the shaded area with its transparency or density, lightness or massiveness, closeness or openness, preciseness and movement.

When I start drawing, I stop rational thinking and observing. While working, I am concentrated on drawing the line or the movement of hatching only. It is deliberate work in stillness. After the drawing process the observing and reflecting starts again whether the developed drawing is accomplished or not.

To get variation and to sharpen my observation, I work on several painterly-graphical projects with different ways of execution at the same time.